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Window Tinting

We're the only shop in Pittsburgh that carries Ceramic Window Tinting Film!

Auto Addictions Window TintIncrease your driving comfort, protect your vehicle's interior, and add a custom touch with window tinting from Auto Addictions. Our experts provide auto window tint services in addition to our car electronics installation options, and we can help you create a customized window tint look that's perfect for your vehicle. We specialize in window films of all colors, shades, and styles, and we can even do custom designs that will really make your tinted windows look sharp. With options ranging from non-metallic films to barely there smoke tints, Auto Addictions has one that's perfect for your car window tint needs. Combining competitive pricing, quality films, and professional installation, we're your resource for window tint in Pittsburgh!

On top of looking sweet, window films can also provide numerous performance benefits for your car or truck. You may not realize it, but car window tinting also brings you:

  • Increased privacyAuthorize Viper Dealer
  • Protection from UV rays, which can cause skin cancer. Many window tinting films reflect up to 99% of these dangerous UV rays
  • Increased driving comfort. By keeping the sun from shining in your car windows, auto window tint can help keep your car cooler both in parking lots and when driving down the road on sunny days.
  • Protection for your car's interior. The same UV rays that can be health risk for you and your passengers can also fade and damage your vehicle's interior.

If you're ready to get these benefits as well as a great, customized look for your car or truck, Auto Addictions is ready to help. Let us know how we can meet your car window tint needs by contacting us or visiting our shop.

We've all seen vehicles driving around town with bubbling, faded, cracked window tint... If you DON'T want your car window tint to look like that, be sure you come to Auto Addictions for professional window film installation! We use only top-quality window film products and provide the precision installation workmanship you can rely on for long-term performance and beauty. When you leave your automotive window tinting project in the hands of amateurs, it may look alright for a little while, but it is practically guaranteed to peel, fade, and deteriorate. On the other hand, when you come to Auto Addictions you get superior auto window tint craftsmanship at a competitive price. We take the time to clean the window glass and adhere the tinting film securely for awesome car window tint that looks beautiful today--and years down the road. Cutting corners by using an amateur window tinting installer won't save you any money in the long run! Get the quality auto window tinting services you deserve: call Auto Addictions or stop by our car customization shop today.

Lifetime Window Tint WarrantyAuto Addictions- Truck Window Tint

While some shops only guarantee their window tinting services for a year or two, Auto Addictions offers a lifetime warranty on our window films. That means your car window tint is covered forever! In the unlikely event that your automotive window tinting fails, you can rest assured that you'll be covered by our lifetime tint warranty. Don't settle for low quality or less than the absolute best service: when it comes to your auto window tinting, Auto Addictions is the professional you can trust for expert installation and the protection of a lifetime warranty!

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