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Remote Car Starters

Auto Addictions- Viper Remote StarterHate getting into a frigid car in winter and a hellishly hot car in summer? Want to let your engine warm up but don't have a moment to spare in the morning? Ever wished your car came with a remote control? Well, with Auto Addictions it can! We have the remote car starters you need to add comfort and convenience to your driving routine. Making it easy to start your engine with the touch of a button, car starter installation from our pros is your solution for an enhanced driving experience, superior quality, and the customer service you deserve. So what are you waiting for? Call Auto Addictions today for your remote starter installation!

Remote car starters provide drivers with:

  • Comfort. No one likes the feel of an icy seat or burning-hot steering wheel, but when the temperature outside is frightful, there's nothing you can do, right? Wrong! A remote car starter from Auto Addictions can help make sure your vehicle is always as comfortable as possible, right from the moment you get into the driver's seat. That's because our remote starters enable you to turn on your engine from inside (your home, workplace, wherever) and get your heater or AC going long before you even step outside. Don't suffer a moment longer: call today to learn more about how installing an automatic car starter can ensure your driving comfort all year round!

  • Auto Addictions- Viper Remote StartConvenience. Tired of having to dash out into the cold to get your car's defroster going on nippy winter mornings? Don't have time to let your engine warm up before you need to rush to work? With a remote car starter, turning on your car (and your heat, AC, or defroster) has never been easier. The push of a button gets your engine running! Making it simple and straightforward to get your car going day or night, summer or winter, Auto Addictions brings you the automatic car starter installations you can count on to add convenience and streamline your driving experience.

  • Improved engine health. Putting in a remote starter won't automatically make your engine last longer, but if you routinely use your remote car starter to let your engine warm up before you zip out of the driveway, it can actually keep your vehicle running better and longer! That's because most vehicle experts recommend letting your engine warm up before you subject it to the rigors of the road. However, most drivers don't have the time to sit there and let their engine idle for a few minutes before they drive off. With a car starter installed by Auto Addictions, you can turn your car or truck on from inside your home (or workplace) and finish your breakfast or other routines while your engine warms up. When you get into the driver's seat, your engine will be toasty warm and ready to go. By providing protection against long-term engine damage, installing a remote car starter brings you so much more than extra comfort and convenience!

At Auto Addictions, we're pleased to offer a huge selection of remote starter options for our Pittsburgh-area customers. We offer remote car starters with a variety of ranges and features, and our professionals can work to help you find the best remote start device for your vehicle, needs, and budget. And because we stay on top of the cutting-edge in mobile electronics, we even offer the new Smartphone activated remote starters! Some options available include:

  • Key fob or Smartphone activation
  • Two-way remotes
  • Keyless entry
  • Anti-grind
  • Car security alarm integration

And with nearly 10 years of experience in the mobile electronics industry, you can rely on Auto Addictions for the best in automatic car starter workmanship. We specialize in complete, correct remote starter installs that will both protect your vehicle and perform their best for years to come. Keep in mind that putting in a remote car starter means your vehicle will be running, at least for a few minutes, without anyone inside--that's why it's so important to make sure the installation is done right. Put your mind at ease by choosing the true professionals for the job. Contact Auto Addictions or drop by our showroom to learn more today!

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