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Navigation Systems

Auto Addictions- GPSRemember when "navigating" meant maps, scribbled instructions, and stopping to ask for directions when you got lost... Today, most drivers have graduated to getting where they're going with the help of directions printed off the Internet, but what if reaching your destination could be even simpler? Using the latest satellite technology, car GPS is your solution for true driving ease. These cutting-edge navigation systems are so straightforward to operate and make getting to your destination so effortless, you'll soon be wondering how you ever lived without one! If you're ready to upgrade to the driving convenience afforded by car navigation GPS, give the pros at Auto Addictions a call. We're available for complete sales and installation on a huge range of mobile navigation options, so if you're ready to take your car or truck to the next level, we're ready to help!

At Auto Addictions, we're pleased to offer car navigation systems in a variety of styles and with a number of different features. Our team is here to listen to your needs and then help match you with the portable or in-dash navigation system that's best for your budget and requirements. We do offer both portable and in-dash navigation units that are fully installed, so no matter which style is right for you, we can help!

Auto Addictions- NavigationWhether you're one of those people who can get turned around in their own backyard or you'd just like a little extra help when you're driving in an unfamiliar area, a car GPS system can provide you with the navigation assistance you need to make every trip a delightful experience. Installing a car navigation system brings you myriad benefits and features, including:

  • Hassle-free touch screen operation
  • Easy-to-follow directions with both voice and visual prompts
  • Map overviews and turn-by-turn directions
  • Point-of-interest icons, highlighting attractions such as gas stations, restaurants, and hotels
  • Route recalculation for missed turns and other mistakes
  • Multiple route options, such as fastest time or shortest distance
  • Searchable databases of local stores, restaurants, and other locations of interest

With all of these fantastic features, it's no wonder why so many drivers are upgrading their cars and trucks with car navigation GPS. Get onboard with the technology that can make driving and navigating at the same time a breeze: contact Auto Addictions for your mobile navigation system today.

For our in-dash navigation systems, we do provide custom installation. The Auto Addictions professionals will work hard to fully integrate your GPS navigation system into your dashboard for a seamless appearance that looks like it came right from the factory. We provide careful, complete installation workmanship to ensure your mobile navigation setup both works and looks awesome for years into the future. In fact, with our lifetime labor warranty, you can count on us for the installation craftsmanship that will truly stand the test of time!

Have questions about your new GPS navigation system? Call, e-mail, or visit our Pittsburgh mobile electronics shop today. We'd love to help.

And don't forget, Auto Addictions also offers GPS technology for telematics. These GPS tracking devices provide versatile performance for monitoring both vehicles and drivers. So if you're a nervous mom who wants to keep an eye on your young driver or a business owner that needs to supervise a delivery fleet, our GPS vehicle tracking systems can be your eyes and ears in the field. Offering both active and passive GPS tracking devices, Auto Addictions can help you select the best option for your needs.

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