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iPod Integration

Auto Addictions- ipod integrationToday's technology makes our everyday life easier and more enjoyable... that is until we try to listen to our iPod or juggle our cell phone while we're behind the wheel. But with help from Auto Addictions, using your mobile phone and music player can be just as easy in your car as it is anywhere else. Take full advantage of your portable electronics with Bluetooth and iPod integration from Auto Addictions!

iPod Integration

For years, FM radio connectors have been available to play your iPod through your car stereo speakers. But they have some serious disadvantages from dangling wires to static and low sound quality. That's why it's time to upgrade to an iPod integration system from Auto Addictions. Our iPod installation services use the latest technology to directly interface your mp3 player with your car audio deck, eliminating both the maze of wires and the sound quality issues. With our iPod integration, you get easy operation right on your car stereo deck and top-quality sound.

The Auto Addictions pros provide a number of iPod integration options, and we can help you select the best system for your vehicle, needs, and even listening style. We have wired and wireless models available, and our experts can even provide iPod installation with a dock hidden in your glove box! For hassle-free, top-notch listening when you're on the road, we're your answer for the best in iPod integration. Call today!

Bluetooth Integration

It's happened to us all: you're driving down the road when your cell phone starts ringing... Do you fumble to find your phone or ignore it until you get home? The safest answer is to ignore it, but how many of us actually just let that phone ring? There is another option, though. With Bluetooth Integration from Auto Addictions, you can safely answer your phone while you're behind the wheel. That's because this hands-free technology connects your phone with your vehicle's car audio system--you can answer your phone right on your radio! Don't risk having an accident because you're distracted by trying to locate your ringing phone and make sure that driving and talking at the same time is as safe as possible. Call Auto Addictions today for more information about Bluetooth integration and your driving needs!

Our Bluetooth integration systems offer a number of great features that provide convenience and additional safety, including on-screen caller ID, voice operation and texting, and so much more. And because all of these features are accessed right through your car audio deck, using them is simple and hassle-free. Ideal for both business and personal calls, Bluetooth integration from Auto Addictions can make your driving experience easier and more enjoyable.

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